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Erkuş Plastik Import Export Industry Trade Limited Company has been operating since 2018, and with the experience it has gained, it is a locomotive company in its sector, having a say both nationally and internationally. Our company’s mission; To create a reliable product range. To become a preferred company with its service quality and competitive position. The most fundamental feature of our company is to lead development and change with an innovative perspective. Erkuş Plastik Import Export Industry Trade Limited Company sees its customers as business partners. Our company’s strategy prioritizes satisfaction with fast, timely and flexible production without compromising on quality. The main sectors it serves are; Construction, Decoration, DIY Market, Iron and Steel and Glass Industry, Automotive, Caravan, Container, Perefabricated Building and Rail Transportation, Mining, Health, Food, Ship Decorative Design, Machinery Industry. The main countries where our company, which exports to all over the world, works are; Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, Czech Republic, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia , China, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. Our company, headquartered in Kayseri, produces within the framework of international standards in our facilities of 8,000 m2 in total, with 1,500 m2 open area, 5,500 m2 closed production area and 1,000 m2 storage area. Pioneering the firsts in its field, Erkuş Plastik Import Export Industry Trade Limited Company is one of the firsts in Turkey to manufacture Plastic Production Variety. With its knowledge and experience in the production of Plastic Ceiling-Wall-Door Paneling and Accessory Groups as well as L Moldings and Flexible Decorative Ceramic Appearance PVC Panel Sheets under the Fleximarble brand, it is truly a leading manufacturer in its sector in our country.

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Welcome to our world of high quality PVC panels! 🌟 As a leading manufacturer in this field, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality PVC panels for walls, ceilings and more. Whether you’re renovating a space or trying to elevate its aesthetics, our versatile products promise durability and style. Explore our catalog and let us turn your vision into reality. Contact us today to enhance your interiors! 😊

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